Welcome to Climate Cafés

Our Mission

Climate change affects everyone on the planet and almost all of our daily activities. And its scope can feel debilitating. What can one person do in the face of such a massive global phenomenon?

The Climate Cafés are a new initiative aimed at empowering people to make the small but important differences in their lifestyle that can have dramatic effects on the long-term health of our planet.

Modeled on the enormously popular philosopher’s café format, we intend to bring together small groups in the community for peer-to-peer problem solving to significantly reduce our environmental footprint.

Upcoming Events

Tour de Fun II

Sustainability. Transportation. Exercise. Conversation. On Saturday, October 3, the Climate Cafés Collective will return from its summer hiatus to lead green-minded, healthy-living people from the Vancouver Community on the Tour de Fun. So, what is a Tour de Fun and what does it have to do with Climate Cafés? Typically, Climate Caférs invites people to meet in, well, cafés around the Vancouver area. But, on October 3, we will be taking our ideas to the streets - on bikes!

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The goal is to have a fun day, riding together on safe bike routes, while checking out some of the sustainable offerings at the University of British Columbia, community gardens, the LEED certified buildings of the Olympic Village, and a final stop at Crab Park in the Strathcona Neighbourhood. We will also break for some feasting on some yummy treats.

The route will take us from UBC (rally on the Grassy Knoll in front of the south side of the UBC student union building) to Crab Park in Strathcona – and will include stops at the UBC Farm, Granville Island and the Olympic Village. The ride is about building community as much as it is about catching up and telling stories about what people have been up to over the summer. Guest speakers will also take us through the social, economic, social, and environmental importance of all our stops. It starts at 11 AM so please be at the rally point with helmet, water bottle and fun loving vibe no later than 10:45. Food for sharing is happily encouraged.

Please to let us know you will be joining Climate Caférs on the Tour de Fun.

What: Tour de Fun - the most fun bike rally in recent memory
Who: You, me and the rest of the Climate Café team
When: Saturday, October 3, 2009, leg 1 - 10:45-1:30, leg 2 - 1:30-3:00
Where: Starting at the SE side of the knoll looking at the UBC Student Union Building on the UBC Campus, finishing in Crab Park. Please check out the bike route and timelines here!
Why: Because there’s no better way to love the environment than cycling
How Much: Not a penny

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