Contact Climate Cafes

To contact the Climate Cafés send us an email at Ideas@ClimateCafes.Ca

Get Involved:

Want to participate in Climate Cafés meetings? Or are you looking to contribute your ideas for a future meeting? Maybe you have some skills that would make you a great team leader. Here’s the spot to get involved.

Send us an email at Ideas@ClimateCafes.Ca briefly outlining how you would like to contribute.


The Climate Cafés model lends itself to inexpensive set up. Since we will be conducting our meetings in cafés in varying neighborhoods around the city, our venue costs will be minor.

However, like all groups, it is essential that we get our message out to as many people as possible. For this reason we are looking for financial aid to help us pay for promotional material including pamphlets, posters, as well as money to fund a small stipend for a web administrator who can perform daily maintenance on the Climate Cafés blog and website. If your interested in helping us keep this initiative going, please download, fill out and send off our Fundraiser Brochure (3.9 MB) that will come complete with all relevant forms and information.